Motivation for this site

When I was planing and preparing our first journey, I was happy about every homepage of other travellers I found, which where designed so affectionately and expressed so much positive enthusiasm, means the realistic operability of such a project, that I had resolved to publish our gain of knowledge also for other travellers.

While we were on the road I just could admire all the people who took the time out of their daily journey grind to design their own homepage, even multilingual sometimes. Still a mysterical fact for me, which I try to explain with the matter of fact that we were travelling together with our kids which means that we had a tighter daily schedule. But I've also seen travelling families which were able to do that. For me it was enough work to report our experiences for the friends and relatives at home and spread them via Google-Groups. Thinking about and working on the design would go beyond the scope of my timeframe.

These reports are still online and for the interested inquerying guy still reachable if he will find them. When he try to get some relevant facts out of them, he has to invest several hours of reading. And just these hard facts where the most interesting things for me, maybe not while preparing the trip but on the road, without such subjective attributes like "bad road" or "scenic landscape" which means something different for everybody. Even the "bible" of all german speaking africa travellers - Durch Afrika - was not useable in every situation, cause the descriptions are partially very old or - imho - a bit to negative. And how often I realised that even the newest michelin map is out of date.

So what would be more obvious than implementing a database, in which every traveller might create, complete, update and access these facts, so that there are always quite actual informations. I can't judge how far this concept will work but I couldn't find something similar in the net and the database should attracts a bit through our 80.000 Km driven in Africa. Because especially in Africa you only could say 'it was like this' and never 'it will be like this', I hope there will be a lot of people who will edit our particulars, for this thought also pretend me from elaborating an own homepage. I knew when I am ready, all the stuff will be out of date. This might sounds contradictory but I can't help it. So I invest my time in this project, cause it should work by principle.

Of course it is critical to publish every track like "hidden" rat runs, forbidden routes or every romantical bushcamp, but who will be the judge. On this site everybody has to ask himself what he will publish as well as every responsible traveller trust not only one source of information ;-).
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