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Part-Route of Lubango - Benguela |

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Exit Position: N 00° 00,000' E 000° 00,000'

Entrance Position: N 00° 00,000' E 000° 00,000'

Distance: 276 Km

(VBTR) The tar is just rudimental existant. It is no longer possible to keep four wheels on it. Potholes are deep with high and sharp edges. Velocity might be the wrong word and the landscape is nothing the driver will look at. (BTR) There are a lot of potholes and the roadside is really frayed out, so you tread carefully to keep all wheels on the tar. Or you drive long times with two wheels on the side strip, which is also in a bad condition. The velocity is strongly decreased and you have to break often. The road needs full attention, looks to the left or right are only occasional allowed. (NSGTR) You have sporadic potholes, the roadside might be partial frayed out. Sometimes you have to leave the tar with two wheels and drive on the side strip, without reducing the velocity. Maybe it is a GTR or VGTR with rarely big potholes almost cross the road, where you really have to slowdown. Always keep an eye on the road to avoid bad surprises.

Driving Time: 10.00 h

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Lubango - Cacula
Cutembo - Cacula
Benguela - Lobito
Benguela - Cutembo

Countries -> Angola

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Driven by

Date Driver Driving Time/Rest Road Track Vehicle Remark
14. Dec 2006 Peter Baumgartner
Journey: Transafrica in 31 days
10.0 / 0.0h Vbtr-adjusted Btr-adjusted Nsgtr-adjusted VW Bus T3 Syncro

Wir hatten heftigen Regen, der die Strassenverhältnisse aber nicht verschlimmert hat. Wir haben ca. 2 h. gebraucht um uns an den blauen LKW vor uns heran zu kämpfen bei ungefähr 15Km/h. Die 10h sind reine Fahrzeit. Viel Verkehr: Minibusse, LKW


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